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Are All Essay Writing Services Legit and Safe to Use?

In short, if you ask: “Are all essay writing services legit?” the answer will be no. Not all of them are worth giving them a shot. But are there any reliable writing services? Of course, yes. You just need to learn how to determine whether or not a particular service is good, and we will help you do it.

Custom writing services are very popular among students. Many students, however, are not sure whether or not they can trust such companies. They want to get high-quality papers, and they want to be sure that their personal information will be safe. There are many stories about unreliable writing services that sell plagiarized or poor-quality content, so there’s no surprise that students are suspicious. However, it doesn’t mean that all writing services are unreliable.

Ordering papers online may seem risky, but if you choose a reliable company, you won’t need to worry about plagiarism or the safety of your data. There are dozens of legit writing services that care about your privacy and the quality of their papers. The truth about writing services is that it’s a very competitive type of business so if a company doesn’t build a strong reputation, it will quickly disappear.

Top 5 Legit Essay Writing Services of 2022

PaperHelp.org website

rated 4.8/5

popular choice

#1. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is one of the most recognized writing services in the field and it’s not without a reason. Their good reputation comes down to 3 things – 24/7 customer service, affordable prices, and plagiarism-free papers.

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A company with over 10 years of experience has long become a friend in need for thousands of students. No matter the type of your paper, let that be an essay, research paper or dissertation   PaperHelp has your back by providing a top-notch piece of work, delivered on time.

All the papers are written by ENL or ESL professionals who have a perfect grasp of the field. This company has a strict anti-plagiarism policy and guarantees 100% unique content. Plus, with around-the-clock support you can get your troubles solved any time you need.

If you have an urgent order, then you can ask for extra fast delivery and get your paper delivered to you overnight or even within 3 hours.

  • 90% Postive Reviews
  • Price From $10 Per Page
  • 3-Hours Turnaround Time
  • Writers With PhD Degrees
  • 24/7 Support (Email, Phone and Live Chat)

Rated 4.8/5

Professional & Reliable

#2. GetEssayToday

Whether you need a long essay, a research paper, a term paper, or a dissertation, then GetEssayToday is the right place to be. This company can handle even the most complex tasks with ease.

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If you are looking for high-quality essay writing, then GetEssayToday is all you need. For a reasonable price, you can gain access to experienced academic writing professionals that will do the job for you error and plagiarism free. The prices on this site start at $18.00 per page. Get Essay Today uses CopyScape and WriteCheck to guarantee originality, so plagiarism is out of the question.

The company works both with ENL and ESL writers, so you can choose the level of expertise of the assigned writer. GetEssayToday offers one of the most professional and consistent essay writing services on the market, so the quality you get is definitely worth the price.

  • 90% Positive Reviews
  • Price from $18 per page
  • 3-Hours Turnaround Time
  • Writers with PhD degrees
  • Complete Confidentiality

ExpertWriting.org website

RATED 4.7/5

Best Value For Money

#3. ExpertWriting

ExpertWriting is used by hundreds of students around the world for a wide range of subject areas. Their customer support team is very responsive, so you can get help with your paper 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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ExpertWriting is a superior writing service that has earned the reputation of a trustworthy and reliable company in its field. There are more than 500 professional writers who have delivered more than 20000 orders to hundreds of customers – and all with a 97.2% customer satisfaction and 0% non-unique content.

If it sounds exactly what you need, then the process is simple: you fill out the order form and then your task is immediately assigned to the most skilled and suitable writer who will deliver your order according to your instructions.

  • 85% Positive Reviews
  • Price from $9 per page
  • 3-Hours Turnaround Time
  • Writers with PhD degrees

SpeedyPaper.com website

 RATED 4.7/5

#4. SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper stands out among the others for affordable rates and good quality. With an impressive score of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, you have a 99% guarantee to be satisfied with your order.

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SpeedyPaper houses the best custom papers and essays that will get you the top-notch quality you are looking for. The great thing about this service is that you receive free revisions on your paper until you are completely satisfied with it.

On top of that, SpeedyPaper guarantees 100% originality by checking every essay for any instances of similarity at all stages of your order. When it comes to the range of subjects you can choose from, this service has no rivals. All thanks to the large team of professional writers and researchers.

  • 80% Positive Reviews
  • Price From $10 Per Page
  • 6-Hours Turnaround Time
  • Partial Payments

GradeMiners.com website

RATED 4.5/5

#5. GradeMiners

By choosing GradeMiners, you're entrusting your assignment to an experienced pool of professionals. This company has one of the largest team of writers among other companies.

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Get help in 50+ subjects at a serviced trusted by tons of students! Within the last 10 years the company has mastered custom writing to perfection to meet any rigid requirements. 9 out of 10 students who receive help from GradeMiners professionals report getting better grades in their studies.

High-quality and plagiarism-free assignments are their number one priority. Whether it’s writing a high school essay, editing your research paper or crafting a thesis from scratch – you can find it all. The prices may seem to be above average. However, so is the quality of papers. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, so don’t hesitate to give this essay service a try.

  • 80% Positive Reviews
  • Price from $14 per page
  • 1-Hour Turnaround Time

What You Should Know About Writing Services

There are many reliable writing services out there. Many students, however, are afraid to order their papers online. The reason is that there are even more unreliable services. There are many scammers that can just take your money, without giving you anything in return. There are also many writing services that offer cheap papers but sacrifice the quality. For instance, some writing services work with non-native English speakers who don’t have the necessary education.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget that there are also many talented college graduates who know their subject well and who love writing. These people were successful students themselves so they know what others need to succeed. They are familiar with the academic standards of writing, and they want to earn some money. Therefore, they choose to become professional essay writers. They actually help many students who don’t have enough time to deal with countless writing assignments.

The internet has changed our lives in many ways. It created numerous opportunities for businesses and consumers, connecting professionals and their customers. However, the internet has also created many opportunities for scams. Everyone knows about hackers and data leaks. Protecting your personal data online is a difficult task, so the best thing you can do about it is not to use any suspicious websites, in the first place.

How to Choose a Reliable Essay Writing Service

  • Analyze reviews and websites

When deciding whether or not you should use a writing service, the first thing you should do is look for reviews. However, not all online reviews are real. Many unreliable writing services have hundreds of fake reviews so we recommend that you analyze the reviews. Think of whether they sound natural or not. If you see many similar reviews, the chances are that they are fake.

Could a certain review have been written by a real person? Does it provide any details about the order? Do different reviews look like they’ve been written by different people? Of course, you can never know for sure, but you can and you should spend some time analyzing the reviews.

We also recommend that you check the company’s accounts on social media. Are they active? Do people comment on the posts? Are these comments from real profiles or fake ones? If there are any samples of papers on the company’s website, make sure to check them out and think of whether or not you would like to pay for such papers.

  • Use common sense

You should also listen to your intuition and trust your gut. If it seems that some offer is too good to be true, the chances are that it is a scam. Pay your attention to communication. For example, if you contact the support service or your writer, and they don't sound American, the chances are that your paper also won’t sound American.

If a company tries too hard to sell you something, the chances are that their services are not good enough. Reliable writing services with a good reputation don’t need to use aggressive selling techniques because they have enough customers, and their reputation speaks for itself.

Legit companies are also always ready to give you all the necessary information. They are clear about their pricing systems, and they can explain every step of the ordering process. We also recommend that you check out the terms of service. If you see that a certain company has a money-back guarantee or free revisions, check out the terms of service to see under what conditions you can request your money back or get a revision. For example, you don’t want to find out that you’re eligible for a partial refund only, or that a free revision is available only if your papers are plagiarized.

  • Be skeptical

You should acknowledge the fact that not all writing services are safe to use. However, it doesn't mean that you cannot use any writing services at all. You should just choose carefully. Don’t order your papers from the first writing service that you find on the internet. We recommend that you take your time and do some research. There are hundreds of writing services so you can compare different options and choose the best one.

Why Do Students Choose Essay Writing Services?

Many professors will prefer that students write their essays and papers. Most parents/guardians will also encourage their children/ward to write their papers by themselves. In spite of this, students are turning to essay writing services more than ever. What are the reasons for these? Well, we have a few answers:

  • Convenience

It is a lot more convenient to work with online experts than looking for local tutors to help with an essay or paper. Most students choose this path because of the convenience

  • High-quality essays/papers

Students need to turn in high-quality essays and papers to earn a good grade. While some can write good pieces, others will need a little help to get the required quality. There are talented writers who can create such high-quality works on demand.

  • Creativity and writing skills of experts

Some papers require excellent writing skills, which many students lack. Some of the brightest students in science may lack the creativity needed for English literature writing. Most reputable writing services have a pool of skilled, expert writers who will consistently turn up excellent works.

  • On-time delivery

There are students whose major impediments to completing their essays and papers is time. Some are involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities. It is understandable that such individuals will need help from experts to complete their essays and papers on time.

  • Affordable services

Many students have noticed that it is relatively affordable to work with online writing services than to contact local tutors for writing projects. Some of the online essay writing services offer discounts for students.

What Are The Pros Or Writing An Essay Yourself?

While many students enjoy the convenience and affordability of hiring skilled writers for their essays and papers, there are few others who do their writing by themselves. Here are the benefits they stand to gain:

  • It improves your writing skills

Even after regular education, you will need to engage in writing in the real world from time to time. You may want to develop the skill further now that you are still in school.

  •  It structures your thinking

Writing triggers thoughts, sensations, and emotions. When you are writing, you will be able to build your thoughts in a logical sequence and present better arguments. Writing is also linked to mental performance. The more you write, the more you think and learn to organize your thoughts. This will have positive impacts on overall mental performance.

  • It teaches you to influence other peoples' thinking

You are influenced by what you read, and invariably by the writers of such materials. This also implies that the more you write, the more you learn to influence the way others think.

  • It helps you explore new ideas

Writing opens your mind to new ideas. You may get ideas that can change your life for good while writing. Reading and writing are two powerful things, but writing offers you even greater opportunities for greater achievements.

  • It helps you become more disciplined

Learning to write your own papers by yourself will help you become more disciplined. When you start accepting the new challenges presented by each new essay and tackling it, you will become more disciplined and independent.

Writing essays help students to develop and learn more during their academic journey. If you are not able to complete your papers by yourself, there are reliable writing services to trust. The five reviewed here are some of the best ones out there.


If you don’t know whether or not essay writing services are safe to use, you’re not alone. Many students are trying to answer the same question. The truth is that there are many different writing services. Some of them work with great writers and provide high-quality papers, while others may be a scam, or they might deliver papers of poor quality. We recommend that you choose writing services carefully. Follow our tips, and you will find a professional writing service that won’t disappoint you!

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