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Privacy Policy

Effective as of August 2020

We ask you to thoroughly read this Privacy Policy. As soon as you proceed with using Stressays (“our Site”), you confirm being familiar with and having accepted this Privacy Policy. In case you don’t want to be tied up by the conditions you read below, you shouldn’t be using this Site.

Our Privacy Policy clarifies the following:

  1. The kind of information we gather and the way we do so

  2. The way we use that information

  3. How you can examine our policies more thoroughly

Make sure you inspect this Policy Page as careful as possible, as it is of high importance you get familiar with all the conditions.


We do not request any user to provide their personal information to proceed with using our Website.

The only condition under which we do gather anonymized data is to make our service better. We do so with the purpose of making our less prevailing pages more appealing to our users, as well as to track commissions that enable our website to remain a free resource.

The only condition under which we do gather personal data like your name and/or email address is in case you leave a review regarding your experience with one of the essay writing services listed on our website. We do so through the review submission forms you submit your feedback with. 

The instances when we collect information include:

User Feedback

Our Website serves as the review platform that enables users to suggest and submit reviews, as well as questions regarding the essay writing services providers included in the rankings on our Website. As soon as you decide to submit your user feedback, you accept the terms of our Privacy Policy.

The following personal information is collected when you fill in the submission form of your review:

  • Name

  • Email address

To eliminate fake and spam feedback, we ask users to provide their email address when submitting their User Review. We assure you that no-third party has access to your personal data submitted. You may receive emails once in a while and be asked to answer some questions regarding the essay writing companies you have used. This is the only instance when you may receive emails from our Site.

In case you asked a question using our User Feedback form, we will send you the answer via email, and this is the only instance when your email address will be used.

Data use and transfer

We may publish user reviews and questions on relevant pages of our Website. We should inform you that a published user review or question will include the Name you submit when leaving some feedback or a question.

Data retention

All the personal data we receive from you, such as your Name and Email Address, we keep in our strictly and thoroughly secured database for as long as your review/feedback is publicly shown on our Website.

Data deletion

In case you are interested in deleting any personal data from our Website, such as your Name and your Email Address, you may request it by sending an email to [email protected].

Make sure the email you use to leave such a request is the same email you have used to submit your feedback or a question. This is crucial to prove authenticity.

User Testing

Once in a while we may ask our visitors to participate in testing new features of our Site. When applying to take part in such an activity, we ask our users to submit their email address to proceed with the testing procedure.

We store only those email addresses of successful applicants. All those emails of applicants who are unsuccessful will be removed from our database as soon as the recruitment phase for testing is complete.

In case your application is successful, and you will be participating in one of our tests, you will only receive emails regarding the instructions on how to proceed with the testing, as well as the agreed reward when you complete the test(s) in accordance with all the instructions.

We will keep your personal data, such as Email Address in our carefully protected database until the test(s) procedure is over. As soon as it is over, we will delete your email address from our database.

You may be asked whether you are eager to participate in a testing activity in the future. In case you provide us with your agreement to do so, your email address will be kept in our “User Testing” base.

However, at any time you would like to get your email address deleted from this list, and have your personal data removed from our database altogether, you may send us your request via email to [email protected]

Site Analytics

Whenever anyone is active on our Website, we gather anonymous data regarding this activity. We use Google Analytics to collect such information to get a better grasp of our visitors using our Website. We do not gather any personal data (like your Name or Email Address) through Google Analytics. Below is the kind of information we do gather while you are visiting our Website:

  • The pages you are active on our Website

  • The amount of time you dedicate to each page of our Website

  • The way you get to our Website

  • The type of device you are using while visiting our pages

  • Your location (like home country) and browser settings (like language)

Occasionally, we may use some outer-party tool, as Hotjar for instance. Such tools may gather relevant data regarding your activity on our Website, such as the place where you click, and the parts of the page you dedicate the most of your time to.

Such data is used with the only purpose – that is to understand our users better, their needs and desires to boost the quality of our service.

Cookies and similar technologies

Similarly to the majority of websites, our Site inserts small files (“cookies”) onto your device to gather data regarding how you interact with our Website.

Here you can read more about our Cookie Policy where we provide you with thorough and scrupulous details on the types of cookies we use and the reasons we use them.

All in all, we use cookies in order to boost the quality of our Website. To do so we need to monitor the pages our users find the most appealing and interact with them the most, the pages you use the least and find ineffective. It enables us to provide better service and earn commissions that makes our Website a free resource.

A cookie has no access to your device or any data about you. It is for you to decide whether to accept or decline cookies via your browser settings. You can have a thorough guidance on how to use cookies at aboutcookies.org


Our Website includes links to other websites.

We inform you that this Privacy Policy applies to our Website only. As soon as you leave this Site and go to another, you should read the Privacy Policy on the website you are visiting to be familiar with the type of information it collects and the way it does so.


Occasionally, we may update this Privacy Policy. We may do so to correspond to any legislation changes, and/or make any improvements to our Website. We will surely inform you about any changes by including them to this page, but you are responsible as a user to get acquainted with them by examining this Policy terms on a regular basis.  Any changes become valid as soon as they are posted to this Page.